*How much does the average pallet of stone weigh?
The average pallet of stone weighs between 1.5-2 tons (3,000-4,000 pounds).

*How many pallets of stone make a load?
It takes an average of approximately 14-16 pallets of stone to make a load.

*Who arranges trucking?
Customer may use their trucks or we can arrange trucking for you.

*Customer is responsible for unloading truck.


*Do you provide special cuts?
Yes, we do. Prices range from $5 - $9 per square foot. Call us today with your

*How do you price special cut orders?
Special cut orders are priced by the square foot. The price depends on the
thickness and size of the stone and the availability of stock.


*How can I get pricing information?
Check out our online price list or for custom cut orders, feel free to call at
423-447-3248 or 423-618-0131. We would love to hear from you!

*When is payment due?
Full payment of stone is due before order is released for shipment unless prior
arrangement has been made. Payment can be made by check or credit card.

*Do you place bids to supply stone for projects?
Yes, we will be happy to place a bid on any project--large or small. We can
offer significant savings for multiple load orders.
Frequently Asked
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